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 Disc Grills | Tailgate Gas Grills Demonstration Video  

Custom Gas Grills for Tailgating

Now Only $249
-Portable & Adjustable
 (tailgate or stand mode)

-Superior Craftsmanship

-Perfect for Tailgating

-NFL & NCAA Customizable
 (no parking sign)

-Easy to Clean and Setup

Perfect Tailgate Grill - Disc Grill's can be customized with your favorite NFL or NCAA team

Disc grills can be used in tailgate mode or stand mode making them a perfect propane gas grill for all tailgate parties (Compact Easy to Transport - Portable/Adjustable Tripod Base). Whether breakfast burritos, hamburgers & hotdogs, a home-made chili, or even steaks and potatoes, the plow disc wok can cook up every game day recipe. Disc Grills are the perfect tailgater gift for Father's Day, Christmas, Birth Days and Corporate Gifts.

 The Perfect Tailgating Grill  

Tailgate Gas Grills - The perfect tailgating grill for all tailgating events. With customizable college and pro football "No Parking" signs, the Disc Grills are the perfect tailgaters grill. All tailgate grills are handmade and custom built and guaranteed to last a lifetime. Rock your tailgate party this year and be the envy of all other tailgaters with a custom tailgate disc grill. All grills are portable and adjustable, so they can be setup and used on the back of tailgates or setup on the tripod legs and used without a tailgate. The tailgate BBQ grills are easy to setup and easy to clean making them perfect for all types of tailgate parties. Cooking on game day has never been this much fun, or this tasty! All tailgate grills are only $249 plus shipping and handling. Buy Online Now